Products and Projects


  • Industrial Mixer Machine

    Industrial Mixer

    The single-shaft mixer is mainly used in organic fertilizers, compound fertilizers and dust collectors of thermal power plants, and can also be used in chemical metallurgy, mining, building materials and other industries.

    Working principle

    The working principle is that the materials go into the mixing tank,pass through a group of double helical ribbon type blade,they are stirred uniform,and enter next granulation process.

  • Soma Fine Foods wide angle view.

    Soma Fine Foods

    Grand Entrance

    First is the Grand Entrance (Main Entrance), this is the arched entry, it is made from the frame of steel with the glass so it can give a feeling of vintage style. This and the windows give a great view from the start and it can easily be the highlight of the project but in this project there is also two other parts that can grab the attention.

    Panoramic view

    The second one is the panoramic view, this provides from inside the panoramic view of the mountain and trees which is a great view and it gives an opening for the light to shine threw, this way it can have enough sunlight during the day.

    Mechanical Door

    And for the last part the third item is the mechanical door opening, this door can be open by hand or motor it is created to be in the style of 1800/1900 where everything was mechanical and had the sound and the feel of vintage style this can also double as a porch for the restaurant and give their costumers a great place to stay and see the amazing work.